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Wings believes that success and happiness can be achieved through integrity, hard work, create value, and unity. This belief has built us to be one of the largest consumer goods company in Indonesia. By implementing these values, you will not only optimize your potentials but also will make your life better.

Why Us
New Day, New Challenge
Wings is a very dynamic company & always strives to meet the challenges from time to time. We are eagerly on the move to respond changes of the business world. You will have to face challenges that make you learn and sharpen your competence in every single day. Therefore, both of your hard skills & soft skills will be honed to be used in the future. Wings also supports each employee through cooperative & goal oriented working atmosphere. Thus, you will be increasingly encouraged to reach your objectives.

A Thousand Opportunities
Unlimited success is everyone's dream. Are you one of those people? We offer you a career path with many opportunities. As you grow your potentials and achievements, you will be trusted to handle projects that can optimize your talents. Are you ready to grab that chance?

Kinship in Harmony
Everyone in this company as a family is considered as part of WINGS. You are not a stranger, but our family. You will be surrounded by friends who can motivate and help you, so you will certainly grow faster. You can even brainstorm anything about your work directly with the top leaders here. Through supportive environments that cultivate harmony and kinship, we'll take care of you and help you honing your potential.

Open Working Space
We care about your wellbeing and comfort at work. Therefore, we provide various facilities and an ergonomic working environment with an open space concept, so you can socialize and interact with each other. We facilitate special areas to be your relaxing spot. In addition to that, The “Kafe Kejujuran” is also provided to be a place where you can hang-out together while enjoying snacks and coffee.

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